Pegasus Airpark Flight Association News

April 18th, 2024

New Gate System

You may have already noticed the Pegasus HOA and Pegasus Flight Association have migrated the gates to a new more modern system. The system enhances the gates and offers new method of access via RFID tag as well as the existing remote clickers.

BE ADVISED! Entry codes for the Flight Association gate will no longer function in the near future!

We are deactivating entry code access as a security measure (they will still function for HOA gates). We have found that over the many years entry codes were shared and we have unknown persons entering the secure flight side of the airpark. We are leaving entry codes active until the migration to remote clicker and RFID tag is complete. There will also be directory calling ability from the gate control pedestal in the future but that is not functioning as of this moment.

If you are a Flight Assoc. member you should have already or will soon receive two RFID tags registered to your account. You can install these on the headlight of your vehicle or you may apply them to piece of card stock or thin credit card sized plastic if you wish to keep them mobile/non-permanent.

The RFID tags are read by a new sensor at the gate. The range is approximately 20′. If you have the RFID tag on the headlight of your vehicle or ‘wave’ it towards the sensor if attached to a card it will automatically grant access and open the gate as you pull up.

During the migration of the new gate system we have discovered access by some members no longer exists by remote clicker or RFID. If for some reason your access is not functioning please send a photo of the back of your remote and/or a photo of your remote ID tag to this email:

If your remote no longer has the decal on the back which is legible then you must open up the remote and there will be a decal inside. It’s easy to open up. One small phillips screw holds it together. Once you open the back cover there will be a decal inside. We can gain the information we need from this decal. While you’re at it this is a good time to replace the battery. The Battery is an A23 specification.

Once you send us photos of the remote decal and/or your RFID tag we can enter it into the gate system and grant proper access.

We apologize if this is causing an inconvenience.

November 15, 2023

Volare Hangar Project Information

Construction on the new hangars has reached the point where the entrance to the airport will be undergoing some changes over the next month. 

Starting tomorrow, (Thursday 11/16/23) the surface will be milled and there may be times access may be delayed. Over the next month there will be an alternate entrance used while the Crismon entrance is being reworked and repaved. The current schedule has this work being completed around Dec 15th 2023.

Thank you for your patience during this construction.

Gate System Update Information

You will be receiving a letter / email from property management about the gate upgrades coming over the next 60 days.  The biggest change is how the system will operate – gates codes are going away. You will have the choice of a RFID tag for your vehicle(s) or using your existing or new gate remote.  This will not only eliminate all four-digit codes, but will require that owners have an existing or new remote opener, or new electronic tag affixed to their vehicle(s) to enter the aviation area. You will need to provide information to property management by the end of Jan 2024 to maintain access through the airport gate. Please provide that information to Metro Property Services as soon as possible.

If you have any questions contact Metro Property Services at (480) 967-7182 or a member of the Flight Association.

December 20, 2022

New runway signage installed along Alpha, Bravo and Charlie taxiways and taxiway intersections.

May 1, 2022

Pulsating visual glideslope system installed and active.

Flashing white: too high
Solid white: on glideslope
Flashing red: too low

The lights are always on. Pilots will only see each depending on altitude in relation to the glideslope.

March 26, 2022

LED Runway light installation is complete! Our 20+ year old incandescent runway lights are history. Pegasus Airpark now has bright, crisp, LED runway lights.

VASI lights are next to be completed at each end of RWY 8/26. VASI lights should be finished sometime in April, 2022.

Final Approach RWY 08 – 06.08.2022

December 1, 2021 – Helicopter Operations are Approved!

After many months of negotiation and administrative process with the Town of Queen Creek, we’re happy to announce that helicopter operations at Pegasus Airpark are approved!

Contact us for more details.

May 2022 – New VASI system at Pegasus